Friday, 24 October 2014

Science and your Grandma 

Image of Joanna Chorley from Grandma got STEM

I thought this was a brilliant article on the importance of science communication. Saying that my Grandmas one of the sharpest knives around so I don't think she'd appreciate me toning things down for her. It brings into question the necessity for sciences to maintain the integrity and complexity of their work whilst also making it relevant, and relevant does not have to mean simple. It's more about using words that resonate with the public. Returning to my first post this might be as simple as swapping the word emissions for pollution or making sure any findings are put in context.

Heere's a few things to look forward to over the next few weeks

  • The implications of changing paradigms on global climate change policy
  • How citizen science is helping bring climate studies to whole new populations
  • The dynamic role of a climate scientist in modern academia
I'll also keep sharing anything I stumble across offering new perspectives on public engagement with Climate Science.

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