Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Foreign Secretary reads HotColdLeftRight, also makes key speech

After concluding in last weeks post that we should be phrasing mitigation strategies in the context of their tangible benefits I thought this quote from the Foreign Secretary (Rt. Hon. Philip Hammond), at clean tech conference in Boston, was quite apt and was almost lifted straight from this blog:
'But, by doing so, [acting on climate threat] we will not just protect future generations from the worst effects of climate change we will bring tangible benefits to our peoples here and now. We will get cleaner air, more efficient transport and cities, better health. More than that, the technological transformation that is required will provide a stimulus greater than the space programme did 50 years ago, generating massive new opportunities for innovation, jobs and economic growth.'
He then went on to describe the economy that low-carbon technology can bring. I will say whilst he and John Kerry (US Secretary of State) talk a good good game they've got a lot of work to do convincing their own institutions. 
<><><> Take a look at the full speech here <><><>

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